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Generally speaking any member of an EU country can work in Gibraltar, although we would recommend that you read throught the following sections and, if in any doubt, either contact us or the department of employment in Gibraltar at:

Persons who are non-entitled to work in Gibraltar will require the prospective employer to request the issue of a work permit before commencement of employment.

Various conditions will need to be met by the employer before approval may be granted for the issue of a work permit. A work permit is issued for a period not exceeding 12 months.

The employment of a worker for whom a work permit is required without the employer having first obtained such a permit is an offence and a fixed penalty notice of £1500 may be issued to the employer.

Under present legislation, nationals of the following EEA member states require a work permit for employment in Gibraltar until 30th April 2009: Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Nationals of the 'New' EEA member states, Bulgaria and Romania, will require a work permit for employment in Gibraltar until 31 December 2011.

However, when a citizen of any of the above countries has worked in Gibraltar with a work permit for an uninterrupted period of 12 months or longer, they shall no longer require a work permit in order to secure employment in Gibraltar.

Swiss nationals do not require a work permit for employment in Gibraltar.

For further information on working in Gibraltar please contact

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